My name is Cindy Hoyda and I'm a Certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach (EAPD) and Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator (EAL).


For as long as I can remember, I've felt a deep connection with horses that only expanded as I spent more time with them. This passionate curiosity started at a very young age and followed me all through adulthood, until I was lucky enough to board a horse of my own. It felt like a lifelong dream had come true when we finally built our property, here at Sierrah Acres, where I could have my horses right in my very own backyard. 

This was around the same time that my daughter became severely ill with an eating disorder. I watched her illness get worse and worse, even as I did everything that I possibly could to support her battling for her life. 


The horses became a home for me. They gave me a safe place to retreat for motivation and rejuvenation to support her journey, as well as my own as her primary supporter. Many times, I spent hours upon hours alone with the horses, in complete silence. These 1,100 pound, wild animals supported and comforted me like nothing else could. 

I discovered that the horses brought me an incredible sense of mindfulness, clarity, strength and resolve. I was able to harness those feelings and use them to care for not only my daughter, but also myself. Today, she is holding strong and steady in recovery in all areas of mind, body and soul.

That is why I’m excited to share this transformative and enriching experience of horses both with those who are personally seeking guidance in their lives, and also with caregivers who are supporting those in need. 


I've witnessed the healing power of horses firsthand, and now it's time to share this experience with you. 


Special experience working with:

  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety, fear and trust
  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Self-esteem and confidence building
  • Providing support for supporters and caregivers