Our Individual and Group Sessions are co-created and co-imagined based on your current needs and goals for personal development.

Our initial conversation and information gathering process is an important first step to personalizing your experience and provide you, or your group, with the utmost benefit. As always, no experience with horses is required. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary meet-and-greet.

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For Individuals:

Our private, one-on-one Individual Sessions are suitable for almost anyone at any stage of life, starting at 8 years of age. Pre-planned with your goals and comfort level at the forefront, these sessions are offered in the way of a single visit, occasional repeats, or a consecutive, skill-building series, in which each week builds on the previous week's experiences. 

Our sessions at Sierrah Acres can be beneficial for individuals in a wide variety of circumstances, whether you are interested in building specific skills or simply seeking an outdoor escape from everyday stress. 

Scroll below to read some of the many benefits you can expect to walk away with. 

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For Families and Couples:

Are you looking for a new experience to connect with your partner or family in a unique and eye-opening way? Sierrah Acres offers fully customized Family and Couples Sessions and Workshops. Whether you're considering single sessions or a full-day outing, the foundation is built on the importance of the relationship itself.

Some subjects that may be highlighted include communication, trust, respect, individuality, and conflict resolution. In a next-to-nature, fresh air environment, families or couples will walk away re-awakened with some insightful knowledge about themselves, the relationships in their lives, and with an opportunity to reconnect in a new way.

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For Companies and Organizations:

Are you looking for a real change for your next company get together? Getting out of the office or your regular workplace into a completely new environment can move your team forward on its own. Our Equine Assisted Corporate Clinics will help you get to know your team in a whole new light. It's an opportunity to recognize and celebrate team members for their strengths and differences, and how they each add to the formula for success.

Full or half-days are pre-planned and tailored just for you and your team. The day is spent outdoors in a wholesome environment with these magnificent prey animals - where clear communication is all they know. Interactive activities are tailored to suit the goals of your group, including communication, teamwork, leadership, individuality, and developing harmony across relationships.


Support for Supporters:

When you are on an airplane, you are instructed put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting anyone else. Only when we are taking care of our own health and well-being can we effectively help others. Our Support for Supporters sessions will help you develop practical skills and strategies in your unique role as caregiver. Most of all, you will learn to take care of YOU, so you can give the best care to someone you love.

At Sierrah Acres, we believe in the powerful healing influence of caregivers and families. A caregiver is anyone who helps care for another person - an aging relative, a child with a disability, or a loved one living with a mental illness. Although caring for someone can be very stressful, we know caregivers play an important role in helping a person recover, manage daily tasks, work through challenges, and journey to wellness.

You can expect to walk away with:

Ideal for people who:

  • A mind and soul that are free from stress and anxieties.

  • Renewed self-esteem and confidence to take the next steps toward your goals.

  • A deeper sense of your inner truth and an empowered relationship with yourself.

  • Unblocked creativity, concentration and focus.

  • An understanding of self-compassion and the courage to practise it in everyday life.

  • Restored passion and curiosity for your interests and values.

  • Communication skills to help develop more meaningful connections with others.

  • An experience of true mindfulness and presence.

  • A new friend!

  • Are seeking an escape from everyday stress, noise and distractions.

  • Want to grow the relationships in their lives in a positive direction with trust and communication.

  • Struggle with a mental illness or are supporting someone who does.

  • Are working through a major life transition, relationship or family conflict.

  • Experience self-limiting patterns and fears that stand in the way of living the fullest, happiest life.

  • Want to build confidence, self-esteem or self-compassion.

  • Are coping with grief or loss.

  • Feel disconnected from their authentic self.

  • Want to get in touch with their inner feelings and desires.

Complimentary meet-and-greets at Sierrah Acres are available by appointment.

Contact us today for more information.