Horses are magnificent animals that are one hundred percent present, one hundred percent of the time.

They are forgiving and offer calm support, comfort, and honest feedback without judgment. Understanding a horse's behaviour can allow you to better understand your own, helping you see yourself and the world in new ways.




Paris is a thirteen year old, white Percheron/Quarter Horse cross mare with a consistently calm, patient manner. She is blind in one eye, but you would never be able to tell with her clear self-awareness. 

Paris is a gentle giant in her heart and goes with the flow on a daily basis, although she also has a mischievous side that she loves to show you with her incredible strength and gentle silliness. Paris will offer you quiet insight with her kind spirit and connected presence.



Sierrah is a thirteen year old, bay American Quarter Horse mare with a sweet and sensitive demeanour. Sierrah is affectionate with a willingness to please, even when her sensitivity takes over and she shows her strong mind with a little stubborn streak.

Sierrah knows what it is like to experience pain and has lots of stories to tell you. She has a huge heart that's full of compassion and a will to trust.  Once she does, she's known to be quite a hugger.



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This five year old Paint gelding has a true rescue story. From the first time we met Patches, we knew that he would have so much to offer. With his surprisingly kind and trusting manner, I feel he knew his life could only get better.

Patches is a true boy. Along with his gentle ways, he is also super social and silly, all rolled into his 14-hands and slender build. Patches loves to learn and is very responsive to all the attention he can get.


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