Our Support for Supporters sessions are geared toward caregivers to help you master the the skills and feelings involved in the unique challenge of supporting a loved one's health or well-being. 

When you are on an airplane, you are instructed put on your own oxygen mask first before assisting anyone else. Only when we are taking care of our own health and well-being can we effectively help others.

Our Support for Supporters sessions will help you develop practical skills and strategies in your unique role as caregiver. Most of all, you will learn to take care of YOU, so you can give the best care to someone you love.

A caregiver is anyone who helps care for another person, which may be an aging relative, a child with a disability, or a loved one living with a mental illness. Caring for someone with a physical or mental health need can be very stressful. Yet, loved ones can play an important role in helping a person recover, manage daily tasks, work through challenges, and journey to wellness.

At Sierrah Acres, we believe in the powerful healing influence of caregivers and families. We've seen it firsthand.

You can expect to walk away with:

Ideal for people who:

  • Tools to support your loved one as they approach, process and manage stress, pain and emotions.
  • Deepened understanding of the messages behind your emotions and the emotions of your loved one.
  • Effective and practical communication skills.
  • A break from stress to connect with the peace, silence and rhythm of nature.
  • Patience, motivation and empowerment.
  • A recharged and balanced perspective on caregiving.
  • Confidence and trust in your own instincts.
  • The courage to practice self-compassion and self-care in everyday life.
  • Skills for coping, acceptance and setting healthy boundaries.
  • Newfound meaning in your life and role as caregiver.
  • Are supporting someone - regardless of age - with a physical/mental health need, chronic condition, or disability.
  • Experience periods of mental stress or emotional distress.
  • Want to learn strategies to best support your loved one.
  • Are craving some mindful "alone time" in a peaceful, next-to-nature environment.
  • Feel tired, overwhelmed, guilty or isolated as a caregiver.
  • Want to resolve fears and other obstacles that come up in your role.
  • Are feeling stuck in the process of caring for your loved one and supporting them on their journey.
  • Need to focus on personal wellness, health and happiness.
  • Seek joy and a mindful escape in a peaceful environment.

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Complimentary meet-and-greets at Sierrah Acres are available by appointment.

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