If you love animals and are interested in a unique volunteer experience that doesn't really feel like work, then you are on the right page.

Do you love animals and enjoy nature? Would you like to explore an opportunity to learn and witness the benefits of how we help horses, help people?  If so, we would love to hear from you!  

Sierrah Acres acknowledges that many of our programs would not be possible without the support of our incredible volunteers. We have one expectation of great importance to those who give any amount of time with us though. We insist that you also walk away with your own host of personal benefits as well - making this an all around win!

Please read below what some of our volunteers have been saying about their time spent while helping out at Sierrah Acres.

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We are always excited to meet like-minded individuals who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge on the subject of horses, health and well being, and how the two are connected within the Equine Assisted Learning environment. There are a multitude of areas where a volunteer can use their perhaps already learned skills or life experiences by spending time helping at Sierrah Acres.

If your interest or comfort level fall somewhere between working hands-on with the horses, getting some wholesome exercise with basic barn or yard duties, or it’s assisting with client sessions and workshops, there is most likely a good fit somewhere for you. Training and support are always make available.

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This spring, Sierrah Acres will be hosting a valued opportunity for our existing and new volunteer interest. For a reasonable fee to cover our costs, we invite you to come out and spend the day taking part in our 6-hour EAL Canada Information Workshop. 

You will be provided with all you need to get started in both an understanding of Equine Assisted Learning as well as what a Volunteer role entails at Sierrah Acres. We will begin the morning in the classroom with a presentation and follow-along notebook. Lunch will follow before heading outside with some hands-on demonstrations, simulations and role-playing with the horses. We'll end our day with a debrief and Q & A period.

This golden opportunity comes highly recommended to help support you in either your training as an existing volunteer at Sierrah Acres, or to help you with your decision to become one. Regardless, you will definitely walk away from a positive and unique experience, having met some new friends and gained a greater understanding of Equine Assisted Personal Development.

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If you would like to sign up for the EAL Canada Workshop or have further questions about a Volunteering opportunity at Sierrah Acres, please contact us today!

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Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.
— Elizabeth Andrew


When I saw a Sierrah Acres ad looking for volunteers two years ago, I was immediately interested as I love spending time with horses. I began volunteering in 2016 and I still continue to help when I can. I have been using my experience at Sierrah Acres as additional animal experience towards my goal of becoming a mixed animal veterinarian. I quickly realized that not only would I be working with horses, but people as well. Working with youth and the other volunteers was beneficial to me as it helped me improve my communication skills. Cindy expresses her hope that each volunteer gains something during their time at Sierrah Acres. I always walk away feeling good after interacting with the horses and the participants. What really makes my time worthwhile is seeing how much the participants develop, open up and interact with the horses. While growing up I used horses and riding as an outlet during stressful times. I believe horses have an amazing way of comforting people, and Sierrah Acres is a great facility providing Equine Assisted Learning with benefits for everyone involved. 

- Courtney

Words cannot express the passion and drive Cindy has for her work. Being part of this experience for 3 years as a volunteer and witnessing first hand the incredible impact she has left on her clients fills my heart with joy. Professional, and yet a huge heart of gold. Add that to the perfect environment and 3 of the most loving and devoted horses. Sierrah Acres is heaven on earth!

- Julia D’Oppido

Volunteering at Sierrah Acres has been the best decision I've made for myself in a very long time. It has truly been a gift in so many ways.  As a volunteer I've seen the positive impact the program/horses have had on the clients and myself as well as fellow volunteers.  I get to be in the great outdoors with these wonderful gentle horses. I've met so many great people and love being a part of such an outstanding team. Its been so rewarding to see all the amazing children grow and persevere to overcome the challenges in their lives. The strength that I've witnessed by all involved in the program has been so empowering, its made me stronger and I feel more and more connected to myself with each visit.

I have truly found peace and could feel myself healing from the inside out every time I'm there. Truly powerful experiences witnessed as a volunteer.

I look forward to participating in all the upcoming programs. I was looking for an escape on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and for the first time in a long time I found myself in the present focusing on what really matters.  For these reasons, I feel more connected with myself and the people I love in my life.  The level of professionalism, dedication and passion in programming and with volunteers at Sierrah Acres has been beyond reproach.  

- Patrizia

I have been volunteering at Sierrah Acres for the last 3 years, in that time I have discovered the wonderful joy that giving back brings. The countless times I've been moved to tears by witnessing a client overcome something has been amazing and it makes me feel better about myself that I helped to make that happen. As for working along side Cindy she has taught me so much not just about horses but about myself, she has helped me work through some of my own self esteem and confidence issues by letting me take a more active role in running some activities and being very supportive of my work. With all the self doubt I've had through my life about my abilities and with Cindy's constant encouragement I am starting to feel better about myself and gaining confidence so that all the negative self talk is going away and I can accept compliments and actually believe them to be true. Thank you again Cindy for everything you have done and letting me be a part of Sierrah Acres!!!!

- Mark