Experience the moment, uncover your authentic self, live your best life.

At Sierrah Acres, we offer equine assisted self-discovery sessions that involve working alongside the horse to achieve new grounds in your personal growth, healing and development.

You will be guided through interactive exercises with the horse that are designed specifically for your desired areas of exploration and comfort level. Whether you'd like to practice mindfulness, build confidence, heal emotional wounds, or find a tranquil escape from everyday stress, our sessions are individualized to help you reach your goals.

Since horses are incredibly sensitive to their surroundings and your energy, they will reflect your own body language back to you. When you change your personal rhythm, whether it's conscious or subconscious, a horse will respond. The translation of the horse's behaviour can help to uncover hidden truths about yourself through their immediate and non-judgemental feedback, helping you see yourself and the world in new ways.

Our horses will share with you a profound sense of sensitivity, strength and self-awareness that will transform your relationships with yourself and others. No riding or experience with horses is necessary.

Individual & Family Sessions are co-created based on your current needs and goals for personal development.

Individual YouTH SESSIONS

Individual Youth Sessions are available in any season for young people between the ages of 8-18.

Support for Supporters sessions are geared toward those caring for a loved one with physical or mental health needs.



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Complimentary meet-and-greets at Sierrah Acres are available by appointment.

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