Horses are magnificent creatures that possess great communication skills. They are a very senstive and unique prey and flight animal. They can live quite hyper-vigilantly in fact, and are in the present moment one-hundred percent of the time. Horses are nothing like we are as humans who are of a predator species, and which is what horses can actually at times fear the most. What is incredible though is that knowing all of this they will still allow us, through trust and training to become quite comfortable brushing their bodies, wrapping leather around their faces, and riding around on their backs. This makes horses extremely adaptable, sociable, and willing to please. They make wonderful partners, providing they are feeling safe and comfortable in the relationship at the same time.


Horses will always give the most honest and immediate feedback, non-judgementally. When taking part in our pre-determined, interactive exercises or activities during an Equine Assisted Personal Development (EAPD) session, the client's internal and external energy is felt by the horse. Whether conscious or subconscious, the horse will respond with valuable information. Horses will reflect back what is being felt at the time, communicating instantly with their body language. With the qualified guidance and knowledge of a certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach, this communication can be translated back to the client opening up an opportunity for positive confirmation or possible change - either way moving forward with personal growth.


Horses have an uncanny way of grabbing our attention and encouraging us to relax. The magificence of thier size mixed with their naturally gentle demeanor can be therapeutic in itself. Learning about and understanding horses and their behaviors will help you to learn about yourself.

For some, simply spending time reflecting in the quiet and with the opportunity to bond with a horse is enough. Because of their constant way of living in the present moment, horses have a natural ability of moving you closer in experiencing and building on the skills of mindfulness.

Studies have shown that horses have a clear heart rhythm pattern that has a consistent measurement of well-being, calmness and joy.